Mission, Vision & History


Where all students are busy bees!

   Mission Statement

We are committed to developing a community of learners who are academically proficient, demonstrate strong character, and exhibit self confidence.

    Vision Statement

As bees pollinate flowers, our Betsey Bees will bloom with knowledge and buzz with character and values. To guide our decisions, practices, and curriculum, there are Guiding Principles that we will abide by:

" The students are the primary focus of all decisions and the foundation of our plan

" All members of the school community will learn and share their knowledge with each other

" A safe environment will foster students• self esteem and confidence in their ability to become lifelong learners and caring inpiduals


Where All Bees are Abuzz with Learning

Student Pledge

I know I can &
I will work hard &
I will get smarter!

Remember Betsey B. Winslow School's 3 Rs:

RIGOR, Relevancy, and Respectful Relationships