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Create your own wacky new dog breed! Mix and match the parts and pieces of your favorite furry friends -- the results are hilarious.

Cat and Kitten puzzles showcase some of our cutest felines. Try putting together these cat and kitten puzzles.

Our Parasite Pet Shop interactive is a fun way to learn how to keep your pet healthy. Try our Parasite Pet Shop game.

Spike, the pet turtle, is missing! Follow the clues to solve the mystery.

Do you have what it takes to run your own pet spa? Don't forget to keep your furry clients happy when you try our pet spa challenge!

Which puppy do you think can hold its own in the track and field event? It's up to how well you know your puppy breeds. The better you answer, the better your puppy does.

Piece together these prize-winning pooches.

It's true that a pet can make your life better, and even less stressful. But you have to make sure you pick the right pet. Take this quiz to find out which pet might be best for you.

Try our best buds puzzles and put these animal pairs back together. 
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